Aug 25, 2015

a sleeping baby

Is there anything sweeter? Leo James, one day shy of four weeks old, napping on Luca's bed (while she naps in ours)...

Aug 21, 2015

little byrd starts school

We're getting back into a little rhythm over here ... both Luca and Ellis started school this week. E is now in third grade and Luca has officially entered preschool, going three mornings a week with some of her little buddies at Emmanuel Episcopal Day School. I fully expected tears - she's had lots of changes in her life lately! - but she was excited, running in her room happily and saying "want to go again!" when we pick up her. I'm so proud of this little girl. <3

Aug 20, 2015

a weekend in Highlands, NC

It's the middle of August now, and we're becoming aware of summer nearing its end. Aside from Jim's travel to Berlin and Vancouver for work, and our beach trip to Siesta Key in June, we stuck close to home this year to prepare for the baby. But now that he's here and our family is complete, we decided to work in another weekend trip to Highlands, NC.

My grandmother has owned two homes in this mountain town for as long as I can remember. In my mind, the trips we took to Highlands growing up - just an hour from my hometown, up a windy road - are tinged with a magical, escaptist glow. Her homes are within walking distance of downtown, directly across the street from an ice cream shop with a deck that fish swim below, with a path to the park in her backyard (likely grown over now), and a creek we could hear at night when we slept with our windows open. As children, we were given freedoms not granted at home; we could walk to the park, to town, to get ice cream. 

Anyhow, I hadn't been in years, and Jim had never visited. So on a whim, we packed up the car and drove a nine day-old baby Leo (and two year-old Luca :) up those same windy roads to spend a weekend. I loved sharing the ice cream from my childhood with Luca, and walking around those same streets with Leo snuggled tightly against me. Also, drinking wine on a restaurant patio outside in the cool air with my husband was pretty nice.

Aug 6, 2015

welcome sweet Leo James Fiscus

After a speedy five-hour birth,  Leo James Fiscus came into our family on July 28 at 8:18am. The sun was shining bright as this gentle soul entered our lives, my husband by my side coaching me along the way.  Leo weighed 7lb 8oz and measured 20.5" long, with dark blue eyes, big lips and a head of silky hair. I'll write more about his birth, but wanted to share these photos that our wonderful doula Sarah of EarlyGirl Photography took as he entered our lives. I'm thankful to have these, and my sweet sweet boy. <3