Jun 16, 2016

the ease of cold-brew coffee

Right up until the time Luca was born, I was fairly apathetic about coffee. I drank it every day and liked the ritual of it: holding the warm cup in my hand, going to a shop on weekends and making it too. (Being with Jim and bearing witness to his Pavoni press dedication made me appreciate the latter.)  Like so many before me, it made me feel like a solid part of the adult world to be a coffee-drinker.

But enter Luca, and shortly thereafter Leo, and now it's a true part of my day. I love having it to look forward as I inevitably rise too early (swearing I will go to bed earlier the next day, and always failing), drinking it as I sit on the floor with Leo watching him crawl or join Luca at the table as she slowlllly eats her oatmeal.

Lately I've been into the ease of the cold-brew. I found the recipe here a few years ago and recently came back to it. The flavor is strong but not at all bitter, and I can have it heated and in my cup in under two minutes in the morning. Yes!

Soak 1/3 coarse-ground coffee in 1-1/2 cups cold water overnight. Strain with cheesecloth in the morning, and either drink over ice or heated, tempered with lots of milk.

Jun 15, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

The month of May always makes me feel special, I love the turn of weather and also getting to celebrate both Mother's Day and my birthday in the span of just a few days. This year, we joined my family for lunch at Lake Rabun Hotel, then ate dessert and let Luca ride her scooter in the nearby pavilion before sticking our feet in the water and driving home.

We also took Jim's mom to Preserve, where we took a picture. What a difference a year makes! I had no idea I'd love my little boy so much.

 Swinging at Lay Park. "I push baby, mama!"

 This is my favorite picture from the weekend. Real life, man!

Jun 13, 2016


summer is here. Leo is crawling fast, Luca is twirling in tutus, and Jim is spending more time in nyc. here's what's cooking at home so we can beat the heat & maximize pool time.

MONDAY ... fresh pasta with mushrooms & fresh chives, roasted brussels (broccoli for kids), chicken sausage

TUESDAY ... salmon & chickpea salad, rice, french bread

WEDNESDAY ... tomato, corn & cheese galette, honey baked chicken, strawberry buttermilk gelato

THURSDAY ... baked tofu with kale and coconut rice, leftover chicken for kids, lima beans

extras ... peach ice cream // english muffins

May 22, 2016

Jamaica, Spring Break 2016

Our trip to Jamaica was everything and then some. Three kids feels intimidating when it comes to travel (how many rooms do we need? how much is airfare for everyone? what do we pack? how do we manage schedules? and so on), but spring break was approaching, the weather was cold and naturally, I saw an instagram post that made me want to GO. A family from NYC had traveled to Jamaica's Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay. I did some quick internet research, got Jim's okay, and booked it. Two weeks later, we flew down.

I can't say enough good things about this place. The service was top-notch, the rooms comfortable & roomy, the water safe & beautiful, the weather ammmazing, good food, and best of all, the kids did AMAZING. Like, 100%. This is our place. We can't wait to go back.