Feb 24, 2012

here's what you need to know about me

J and I live in on the hill in athens, ga.

we moved into our house on christmas eve, and I love it, though not (just) for the reasons one might expect. it’s badass and we have an amazing kitchen and is unusual and I have a dream bathroom, etc… but what it represents means even more. it’s home. our home. it’s stability and our past and our future and all the luck in the world. and we’re on the way to having a rad garden, too.

my “real” job ends a week from today. I’m soon-to-be a full-time homesteader on this hill of ours. I’ll keep our home, can veggies, raise the child (and the additional one we’ll one day have), travel with J, have my way with the kitchen, work the land and maybe even do more yoga.

I could listen to reptar all-day-long. my older sister lives in athens, too. we see our hill-family a lot. we are so damn lucky.

and this is (will be) my way of documenting it all.

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