Mar 22, 2012

first day of spring

J was in Americus for the better part of yesterday, and I kept busy too. in the morning, errand running and a coffee shop to catch up on work and computer stuffs. I met Iris for lunch, then visited with her and Virginia. (a cast of characters will come soon.) lunch was emotional. we talked about life and friendships and relationships and how blessed we are. we are so blessed, you know.

and now, Iris and Virginia (and a tip for those of us less fortunate). when you're down, spend time with these two.

trees were watered, the airstream was cleaned, an uprooted plant was potted, chickens were fed, baby rabbits were discovered, the kitchen was cleaned. J came home. 

and so life as we know it goes on, even though we lost Steve on this beautiful first day of Spring (how is it possible?). 

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