Mar 26, 2012

Sunday Night Dinner

growing up, Sunday lunch was a big deal. you couldn't miss it, nor would you want to.

here, we've turned it into a Sunday night dinner. it can be held at any one of the houses on the Hill, and extra people are always welcome. but the core of Sunday night dinner is delicious, home-cooked food and good company.

last night, we hosted. J smoked meatloaf on the green egg all afternoon, sauteed asparagus and steamed broccoli. Lee brought a fresh-from-the-garden-salad, and I made leek mashed potatoes, brownies, homemade whipped cream, and served it all with strawberries and fresh tomatoes & mozzarella. the cherry blossoms, snowballs, and bridal spirea are in bloom (and in vases), and the flickering of a tea light centered the bunch.

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