Mar 21, 2012

writing it down.

"you should write this down," J said to me as I told him my plans for the day. here's what went down:
  • napkin & shirt ironing
  • bricks bricks bricks (maddox-ed, gathered, moved to pile)
  • taqueria lunch
  • moved rabbit droppings to garden
  • rabbit babies are moving!
  • a try at propagating succulents, and potting plants that survived the bulldozing
  • banana bread baked, recipe courtesy of a former spanxter (eh that word makes me cringe)
  • grocery shopped
  • brussels harvested & sauteed
  • Wilfong dinner
today was raw with emotion. J planted "Steve" (the maple) in the ground. "that way he'll always be with us and can watch Ellis grow up." the best tree of all. when a loved one passes, the memories flood in. what can you do for someone who hurts? the closest I have to an answer is to love them unconditionally ... and to just be there. be with. touch and share and hold and love the shit out of them.

these survived yesterday's bulldozing, and today were joined by an aqua globe my sissy gave me.
(also, what is the name of this plant? I have no idea.)

hello babies!

salvaging brick.

harvested from Lee's garden. olive oil, s&p, parmesan.

we had dinner with the Wilfong's, spaghetti, bread, brussels, salad, banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. a late dinner, we arrived at 8:25. Lee, Virginia, Jim and I rode our golf cart to their house. Lee and I sat on the back with V's walker, V and J were in the front. same game riding home. J drove fast, and whooping laughter emanated from V. Lee says "we try so hard to commit a voice and a laugh to memory, but when they're gone, we can never remember. it's never the same." isn't that true? 6 days ago I sat on the back with J and Steve in the front ... and what I remember is him saying "there is no place like the Hill in the world," and feeling like the luckiest girl. tonight felt the same. the tea olives permeated, and Lee shepherded us all. the stars were old and the weather was perfect. we first dropped off L, then walked V to her door.

we remember not their laugh nor their voice, but the way they made us feel.

so what do we learn from this, kiddos? to savor the hell out of every single moment, and all the good people in our lives. make people feel good. we are lucky, so lucky.

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