Dec 5, 2012

Front Door Decor.

Last week, we shopped for Christmas decorations. Lights, tree, ornaments. Check, check, check. Instead of buying a wreath, though, I opted for making my own door decor this year.

Tree trimmings, rosemary & a succulent from the garden, holly & pinecones from the yard - and a little twine. Ta-da!

Next up, holiday cooking. Materialism sucks - but we're all guilty of it. I'm trying to give smarter gifts this year, things that people really want combined with homemade gifts; a few ideas: apple butter, hot & sweet mustard, suet cakes (for the birdies), salted caramels, fudge, cookies, and... lots more. You get the idea!

Are you making anything this year? Share, please!

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