Feb 7, 2013

bebe belly: 29 weeks and what healthy means.

29 weeks

I've thought a lot about how to best capture my changing body and the growth of this babe during my pregnancy. I admit, I've struggled to find comfort in my skin, going from being in the best shape of my life when I got pregnant to finally giving my body peacefully over to the inevitable and magical changes of growing a baby.

Being healthy now means something different. Though I continue to exercise and eat well, it now has a different purpose; preparing for labor and birth, and maintaining a healthy environment for my baby. The big lesson was that no matter how healthy I am, my body will change regardless. For me, that loss of control was the hardest thing.

I believe it's the first lesson of motherhood; becoming selfless.

The loss of control led to questioning how I defined being healthy, which in turn led to an awareness that has spread into other parts of my life. Medicine? Chemicals? Let's look at it all.

Aside from a single dose of Tylenol, I haven't put any true medicine into my body in 29 weeks. My daily "medicine" now consists of a vegan Prenatal, fish oil, alfalfa, and probiotics - all with a focus on my developing baby. Instead of using chemical-laden shampoo & conditioner, I've gone "no-poo" - washing with baking soda and rinsing with apple cider vinegar - and only need to wash my hair 2x/week (as opposed to daily before). I've also switched my lotion routine to only using coconut oil and all-natural Burt's Bee's products. I know it sounds a bit extreme - but everything that goes into my body goes straight to the baby - and why expose this new being to anything harsher than needed?

All this is to say that I've learned to not only accept the changes, but to embrace them. Jim has always said, "there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman." And now, I believe him.

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