Feb 28, 2013


Each day in a certain sense, a complete life by itself. It has its own duties, its own trials, its own burdens, and its own needs. The very best we can do for the perfecting of our life as a whole, is to live the one day well. We should put all our thought and energy and skill into the duty of each day, wasting no strength, either in grieving over yesterday's failures or in anxiety about tomorrow's responsibilities. - J.R. Miller*
Let's try our best each and every day. Let's be our best. Let's give our best. Let's not dwell on frustrations and failures of the past, or focus too much on the future. Be present, love hard, and please, please don't take any of this life for granted.

(I'm feeling especially sentimental as I prepare to leave town & my family for a few days. Pregnancy has made me so sappy..)

*quote via Lesley Graham's beautiful blog

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  1. so glad you liked it as much as i did! have a great day sweet lady!