Jun 21, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Growing up, I remember telling my mom I wanted to marry someone exactly like my dad. Someone who knew the answer to everything, could do anything, would expose me to new things and encourage my curiosity for the world. A man who would make me feel special, and was strong, loving, and kind. A man to lead my family and our household, to be my provider and my strength.

I found him. Jim is all these and more. I'm endlessly thankful that Ellis and Luca have this man for their father. They are lucky, lucky kids.

And me? I still feel that way about my daddy. He's half the reason I've become who I am. He encouraged me, showed me the world, and kept me grounded too. He and my mama represent home to me. Plus... just look at that picture. The way he loves his little granddaughter? It makes me love him even more!

This year we celebrated by spending Saturday in Toccoa at the Currahee Club. My daddy played tennis with Ellis for a long time, then we ate burgers and swam the rest of the afternoon. On Sunday, we drove to Lake Keowee to waterski and swim in the lake. I'm so thankful for these men... and I am so glad summer is here!

(top photo by the talented Logan Potterf)

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