Aug 1, 2013

Luca Byrd: 11-13 weeks

We've had a big time lately, baby. I fall more in love with you everyday.

You did so well on your trip to California, and even better when we took you to Folly Beach on your Papa's airplane. He's been wanting to take you flying, and you did a million times better than your mama did when I was six weeks old and screamed for two hours straight.. Your brother co-piloted and you laughed for one of the first times at your Grandma's silly faces during the flight.

You are so much fun. I love to watch you discover the world. Your brother makes you smile so big and people often comment on what a happy baby you are.

You still sleep through the night, sometimes fighting the swaddle and other times fighting sleep without it. For your last nap of the day, I drive with you down country roads while you snooze out and daydream about your future.

You're a rockstar breastfeeder. You like riding in your daddy's car more than mine. You love to stand up (with help) and are getting close to sitting upright. Taking golf cart rides soothes you. You still love bathtime and wear a hairbow everyday. You spend time in your office and love it; the swing is hit or miss. Mostly, I hold you every chance I get, either perched on a hip or facing out of the baby Bjorn. 

And how's this for a milestone? You had your first shots this week and took it like a champ. Your daddy was especially proud of you. Speaking of him, you two are bonding these days and I love to watch you two smile and play together. At 13 weeks, you measured 14.14oz and 23.5in long. 

You have two favorite toys, a purple hippo lovey and your wooden skwish ball. The pacifier and bottle are still a no go.

My baby baby. I am so proud of you. You've only been in this world for three months, but it's as though I've known you my whole life. You are mine and I love you so.


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