Sep 13, 2013

Luca's five-week old photo session with Logan Potterf

You know how people say that having a baby changes you? It does. It opens your heart wide, and puts you in touch with a deeper self than you knew existed. You become selfless, and suddenly you care way more about the world you live in because it's now the world your child will be part of. 

It's not so much about how my day-to-day routine has changed. (A LOT.) For me, it's about changing priorities. Life has become all about my people. I know what family means, and how important my role is as a wife and mama. How we all play a part, and how I am the glue. I want to take Luca to visit our 95 year-old neighbor because that's what will keep Virginia alive. I want my baby to know her grandparents because that's her past. I want her to witness the love in our marriage because that's what important. And, I want her to understand the value of community, the give-and-take of relationships. I want her to know that is what makes life worth living. 

All this is to say- having a baby has reconnected me to my community, past and present. Case in point: to capture our life as a family with a newborn, we turned to my high-school friend-turned-talented-photographer, Logan Potterf. Though I'd kept in touch with him and his sweet family via social media, I'd not actually spoken to him in years...but having a baby changed that. It was good to reconnect and meet his boys, to share a new part of my life with an old friend. And, to have a photographer enter your home that you immediately feel comfortable with is invaluable. 

I could go on about this - BUT LET'S TALK ABOUT THE PICTURES. 

Logan did such a great job. Our goal was a lifestyle session, for him to capture life as it happened. Taking a bath, watering the garden, riding the golf cart, breastfeeding all over the place...we wanted it to feel raw and real. To capture all the sweet and (let's be real) challenging moments that define life with a newborn. He did it. He spent a few hours with us one evening during Luca's fifth week of life, in both our home and all over The Hill. He shot, contorted, rode in the back of the golf cart, stood over the bathtub...and totally nailed it. Then, when it was over, he stayed for dinner. (How's that for community?)

Check it out below (then book your session here). Thanks, Logan!


  1. Thanks, Kimberly, for the kind words and for sharing photos on your blog! You guys are the best. Can't wait for our next lazy picture day together!


  2. I love love love these photos. Your baby looks so precious. :))