Nov 8, 2013


I'm not too old to use the acronym BFF, right? Because these girls - Christine, Suong and Darcey (and not pictured, Caroline) - are so great. Our friendship is almost six years old. We've been through so much, which I suppose is what happens when you go through your twenties together. Engagements, break-ups, career changes, travel, marriages, a little baby- and lots and lots of wine;)

They came to Athens the weekend before Halloween, and we hung out around a bonfire outside, slumber-partied like teenagers, and cooked a warm breakfast the next morning. I love love love them so much. And as much as I love my sweet bottle-refusing, breastfed baby, I get a little excited at the prospect of weaning because that means I can make more trips to Atlanta to see them. Thanks for coming, y'all. xoxo

*photo by the always-awesome Logan Potterf

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