Nov 14, 2013

dear luca byrd // six and a half months

dear my little baby Luca Byrd,

right now, you are sound asleep in your room. you've been fighting your naps for the past few weeks, but that's okay; it means more time with you. you are 6 1/2 months old, and are my dream come true.

two teeth, lots of babbling, and crawling is not far away for you... just yesterday, you went from a seated position to hands and knees and started rocking back and forth. you're already pretty good at scooting- you can go all the way across your green quilt that we play on in no time. and sitting up? yep! rarely do you fall back anymore, and when you go, you've figured out how to lift or block your head from hitting hard. I joked not long ago that I was going to hold you so much that you wouldn't crawl until you were 9 months old. joke's on me!

when you were first born, I did NOT want you to get older. I kept thinking, "she will never be ten days old again," "she will never be four weeks old again" and so on. and I love nursing so much that I counted the number of times you would nurse again, if it were five times a day or so and we went to one year. something like 1500 more times. (ridiculous, I know! your mama is crazy.)

but you know, I don't want you as a baby anymore. I want you exactly as you are every single day, I want you right now and I want you all the tomorrows. I know that you'll one day leave the house, fall in love, get married ... but you'll always be my baby. that's the greatest thing in all the world.

some of your favorite things right now: your brother! you light up when you see him and he can make you laugh like no one else. and your daddy, too. he plays all these fun tickle and surprise games with you, and you are so into it. you like watching baby einstein, riding the golf cart, watching the chickens, just being outside in general. your favorite toys are plastic keys, a spatula, and a wooden spinner from hape. your hair covers your eyes when it's brushed down, but you wear a hairbow every day. bathtime still makes you happy... but your real favorite right now is eating! everything, girlfriend. you love it. sweet potatoes, cookie dough, water, chicken, steak, rice, bananas, prunes, avocado, kiwi. you love to sit in your highchair and be one of the family. when Ellis says the prayer before we eat, we all hold hands (yours, too!).

you are waking up now. I'm going to scoop you up and we're going to meet friends for lunch. you delight me so much. I want the world for you. xoxo


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