Feb 26, 2014

dear Luca Byrd // 10 months old

dear my sweet baby bird,

This morning you woke a nine month-old. And by nightfall, you were ten months old. You, my sweet baby bird, are a little delight and I love you more and more every day.

Ten months old. How did we get here? It is so vivid and yet such a blur. Becoming your mama has been the best thing. I want more and more of you! I love cuddling with you first thing in the morning and doing silly little things to make you smile. You are mine and I know how lucky I am.

We got to celebrate this day by going to Atlanta for your second little baby photoshoot with Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. You wore the softest little summer outfits and charmed everyone. Of course you daddy made you smile the biggest but mama gave you comfort.

You've become your own little person lately. You are crawling everywhere and pulling up, too. This past week saw you walking behind toys (and a laundry basket!) for the first time.. you may just be walking soon. A favorite activity is opening and closing, opening and closing, opening and closing the kitchen cabinets. Your daddy gets a kick out of how methodical you are in doing this. When you see your brother, your little face lights up. It makes us all so happy. Ellis currently likes to carry you around and show you off to his friends. He's especially proud that he recently (and successfully!) taught you to throw the ball.

We were walking through the grocery store parking lot the other day, and you waved vigorously to a few different people. Talk about making their day! You totally knew what you were doing. In addition to that, you like saying bye bye, baba (for Ellis), mama, dada, and hey dog (Stella). You squeal every time you see our cat or dog, and pet them in your own way;) You also squeal when you swing and slide... our first playground trip last week was so much fun.

Last week you started sleeping on your belly. And you seem to love it! I walked in to check on you one night and found you in that sweet baby position, face down and butt up in the air. Talk about cute. Physically, you are lengthening out but you still have the yummiest rolls and softest skin. I like to bury my face in your belly and neck when I'm changing your clothes, and you like grabbing my hair and pulling me closer. Your interest in food has waned a bit; thankfully, your interest in breastfeeding has not. Pointing has been a new discovery and your favorite toys include books, your alphabet train, Rody and the hape pound & tap toy.

You are sleeping now and I am going, too. I can't wait to see you tomorrow - and all the other days.

your mama

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