Feb 27, 2014

oh hey MARCH

March is just around the corner, which is crazy because that means April will be here soon and then Luca will be one.

Time is moving too fast but I am still excited about this time of year because SPRING is coming (hallelujah!). I thrive in the warm weather, the sun nourishes my spirit and makes me a better person. I'm thinking about our garden and Luca's first birthday party and all the fun baby things we'll do when the weather warms up.

And here are a few other things that are on my mind...


Thinking about what to plant and using my stand-by chart from the Farmer's Almanac, Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler and the beautiful Landreth Seed Co. catalogue to get started.

After a raccoon ravaged our last coop, we finally have chickens again. We always give them our leftover food and felt good about the cyclical nature of it (food to chickens to eggs). Not having them for a few weeks made us a lot more conscious of what we're throwing away, though. I'm working on meal planning and all that ... speaking of which, I've started recording what I cook. Not very exciting to look at but I love having the reference point. (Inspired by Jenny from Dinner: A Love Story. She's been doing this for years! Amazing.)

Book club is tonight so I'm taking what I always take, dessert and wine. In this case, brownies with mascarpone (a la cream cheese). I'm curious to see how they turn out... will share the recipe soon.

Luca and I are needin' some summer sandals. baby // mama

A babysitter came today while I did yoga. This is a BIG DEAL because it's the first non-family member who has watched my sweet baby. What a brave mama I am! (haha...) Speaking of yoga, it feels good to be back. Good in a HARD way ;)

I came across the sweetest blog, Bebe Bird, two nights ago and loved these words she wrote. This sums up how I feel as a mama beautifully.
And as a mama to a bebe bird you quickly learn that your soul purpose is to help them soar in this life. To be free, to sign loud, to live! You will them to explore this wild adventure with bravery and curiosity. You encourage them to spread their tiny wings while you, the mama bird, do your best to build a nest on the sturdiest of branches in the oldest of trees where roots run deep. And hope, with all your might, that this nest that you’ve built on the strong, strong branches of the old, old tree with the deepest of roots will forever be a solid place where your bebe bird can land and rest.
I'll leave you with that, and this warm fire that Jim has going. It's nice .. but I am ready for hot days and warm nights and fresh summer veggies. Aren't you?

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