Feb 18, 2014

winter sucks // and what's up in general

my favorite blogger asked about mexican vaca recommendations on FB the other day, and since then summer vacation has been on my mind. (or maybe it's just the recent SNOW and COLD and general winter-weariness. I'm so much happier when it's warm and sunny.)

this hape pound & tap bench is Luca's favorite toy these days. a xylophone to bang and balls to toss back & forth!

I've been adding kale to everything lately. I'm in a cooking slump (sorry family) and kale makes everything seem at least a little healthy. another one to try: this sheet pan pasta gratin with kale by from alexandra's kitchen (whose site I love).

I went total hippie and made my own laundry detergent. so far, no one has noticed the difference and I love it's LACK of smell!

Design Sponge spotlights 24 hours in Athens, GA. I feel so lucky every day to live and raise my family here.

Luca's going to wear this sweet little romper on her birthday. fingers crosssssed for warm weather! (and while we're at it, she wants this swim-coverup too. k, thanks.)

have you seen the preview for showtime's new show, penny dreadful? looks scary (i.e. not my cuppa tea). BUT! Jim did the photos and I can't wait til the world sees them. they are awesome.

and speaking of tv, we just started watching the new sherlock holmes show. verdict is still out, but we think it's a keeper. at any rate, I like the sherlock casting.

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