Apr 30, 2014

birthday baby!

On Saturday, April 26, my baby girl turned one. This year has been full of lightness and love and it really has gotten better with each passing day. We celebrated with a sweet little baby party at our house. The day was perfect - sunny weather, bright green grass, and all the people we love. We decorated with cut forsythia, house plants, photos from my first birthday party that my mama brought, balloons (which Luca loved), and one of our most special birthday presents, a custom Britt Bass painting. We ate tiny chicken salad and pb&j sandwiches, fruit, birthday cake & cupcakes, animal crackers, applesauce, lemonade and beer (mostly for the dads;). Luca is obsessed with her new toys, especially the baby swimming pool, hape pound toy, books, kitchen set, bean bag, and doctor kit. And our neighbors gave us some sweet hand-me-down clothes which I am obsessed with:) The birthday girl wasn't interested in her birthday cake, but Ellis fully embraced his sibling rite of passage and was a proud big brother blowing out her candle! I thought this day might be hard for me - my baby girl is getting so big, this year has gone by so fast, yadda yadda ya - but it is so lovely and wonderful to see the girl my baby is turning into that I embraced it full on. It was the happiest day. Thanks friends for celebrating with us!

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