May 5, 2014

luca byrd at twelve months

how big: 28.5" long (25%), 23 lbs 7.1 oz (90%), head circumference 19.25" (98%) -- a smart shorty! ;)

likes: mama! dada! baba! stella!, riding the golf cart, flap & texture books, climbing the stairs, oatmeal, music - and dancing!, nursing, the dog water, climbing over everything, balls, being outside, walking with push toys, toothbrush

dislikes: getting fingernails cut, teething, eating anything after lunch, hair being in her face, shots

SO close to walking! will take 2-3 steps
2x naps daily, 1-2 hours each. sleeping 11 hrs at night

mama, dada, baba, stella, dog, fan, there, up, cat

because I want to remember it all <3

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe how time has flown by!!! She is a beautiful girl, just like her mama! It's been just a day over one month since her bday and already things have changed and I see posts and pics of her now movin' like crazy! You're embracing every moment, sweet friend, even the not-so-easy ones, and that is exactly what life is meant to feel like; being in the now, breathing in each and every moment that passes by. LOTS of love to you and your sweet fam!