May 8, 2014

spring to summer // baby to toddler

I'm going to wake one day soon and find that Luca has become a toddler, no longer a baby. It might be tomorrow but if I'm lucky I've got a few months. Already she's doing things. Small steps, talking a lot, doing simple things I ask. Mimicking us and even saying "bye" when I close the door at nap and bedtime. Two new molars have sprouted up this week (now we have all four!); teething is hard but Luca becomes more a baby during these times and I do love the almost-constant nursing and holding.

Maria said words to me this week that made me feel so good. Luca is a happy baby because her mama loves her so much, spends so much time with her. Being a full-time mama isn't always easy but it is so full of sweet and tender moments. I'm feeling the pull of separating myself a little, but I am conflicted about it because this baby-time is too fleeting.

Our neighbors on The Hill welcomed their sweet baby girl to the world today, and I've been teary all morning. Life is good. These babies are the biggest blessing. So here's to slowing down and soaking it all up as Mother's Day approaches.

p.s. Hurry home from school, baba. We've got more swimming to do! <3

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