May 7, 2014

the lake

we were invited by friends to spend last weekend at the lake. their house is a family home, old and sweet in its simplicity. built by his grandfather in the 1950s, it was only the fourth home on lake burton- at the time, a beautiful if secluded mountain lake that was hard to reach. Lee told me that lots of people fled/sold their burton property when lake lanier was built because it was newer, bigger, closer. what a regret!

the sunset light you see in these photos brought a piece of me back to life. the piece that desires to travel, that thrives on it. in her bed and with few variations on our schedule, Luca is so predictable at home. a different environment isn't always easy for a baby to adapt to, and of course you are only able to relax as much as the babe will allow.  

but this trip, this night spent on the lake, rejuvenated me. it reminded me that even if you forgo a full night of sleep, you'll still come away feeling refreshed. we brought in the weekend with too much cheese, wine and steak, gave Luca a sink bath, took a hike, sat on the dock and best of all, enjoyed each other's company. I can't wait to go back! and, I am getting excited of our upcoming weekend in a Dahlonega cabin and then our two-week trip to Provence(!!!!).

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