Jun 30, 2014

France Family Vacation

Jim had a dream of taking our family to Provence for two weeks, to be there long enough to adapt to their pace and routines and really immerse ourselves in the life. Lee and my mama decided to join us, and so on June 8, we flew to the little village of Cucuron. 

I don't want to tell you about the travel days (both were 26+ hours and TIRING) or what it was like to travel internationally with kids. Instead, I want to remember the farmhouse in the middle of the Chateau Sable vineyard which was our home for two weeks. All the fresh bread and cheese and local wine we consumed, and line-drying the sheets on a clothesline in the bright sun behind the house. How the sun lit the sky at 5am and didn't go down until 10pm. Getting to spend two weeks straight with my mama, and eating the food Lee and Jim bought at the local village markets and prepared daily. Exploring a hilly village with (just!) Jim and the few date nights we had. Slowing down and watching Luca hold my mama's hand while walking, and listening to Ellis speak the tiniest bit of French to impress a cute French girl.

And of course, all these beautiful images.  

France 2014

Jim took all these photos (obviously;) and you can see the rest here, if you'd like.


  1. oh, this makes me miss france more than usual. seeing the countryside, their little markets and tiny streets, eating bread and cheese and fruit. everything there tasted and smelled amazing. i'm so glad you're little fam had such a wonderful time. your pics are lovely. i can't wait to go back with our girls. hopefully i'll summon the courage sooner rather than later! xo

  2. catching up on your blog. ahhh, just adore you. what an incredible experience and good for you for having the clarity to want to remember all of that good stuff. the hard days always tend to melt away and the sweet moments are what we're left with. beautiful!