Jul 17, 2014

luca byrd // fourteen months

If one day, someone asks me if having a kid is worth it, I'd want to let that potential future parent spend a day with Luca at fourteen months. These days are so sweet and lovely and everything we hope for when we take that huge leap into parenthood.

Luca wakes up and I bring her into bed to nurse quietly. It's when we come downstairs that it starts: BALL! BALL! DOG! DAD! BABA! BALL! UP! She talks and plays and listens and responds (which is AMAZING). I think the best way to describe this month is that Luca is coming into her own. She's a little person now, which I suppose marks the transition from baby to toddler.

Athens has a sweet little daycare, Arrow, that we've started taking Luca to once or twice a week. Of course I dreaded it, but she loves it. We tell her bye and she walks off, finding a ball or some other little toy and going for it. Apparently she likes the snack room best because she can steal raisins or corn chips from some unsuspecting little person - this from the baby who pretty much refuses to eat anything new from me;) obviously it's more fun to eat food when it's someone else's!  I have a really good feeling about this place.

My cousin's wife just had their first baby, so many friends are pregnant now, and too many of my conversations with other mamas lately are revolving around kids. And tonight I realized that two years ago was when I got pregnant in nyc. BABIES, I tell ya.

If you can't tell, I am in love with being a mama and my sweet baby girl. I can't imagine life can get any better than this very moment - but I'm comforted in how many times I've thought exactly that and subsequently been proven wrong.

Dropping to one nap (makes for a long hour before bedtime but it's time)
Walks with her hands down - better balance!
Starting to run after Ellis
Hugs and pats Jim on the back
LOVES Ellis. Their favorite game is chasing each other around the kitchen island.
Gives big smiles these days
Holding hands!
Waiting for someone to help her down stairs
Will jump to me in the pool on the count of 1-2-3!

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