Aug 5, 2014

a weekend on lake keowee

Summer is nearing its end and I'm feeling the pull to make the most of it and spend more time experiencing different places. I've mentioned it before, but I really hermited down in the first year of Luca's life because with a newborn, home is comfortable, easy, predictable. It was a gift to do so but lately it's been really good to go.

I've put myself out there enough now to have a routine when traveling so that Luca and I both settle in easier. To ease the transition we take certain items on every trip- travel crib, sheet, bunny bear, pjs, blanket, noise machine, monitors, a few toys. Then, we find the darkest and quietest spot for her bed and say a little prayer. She's magically slept well on these past few trips.

When Lee asked if he could use our house for a party, we agreed and asked my brother-in-law if we could stay in his family's house on Lake Keowee for the weekend. 

The lake is my happy spot. We grilled burgers and ate pasta with homemade pesto. Drank wine, read books, and spent time with my family. It was good times and now all I can think about is how to create a spot for my family to use many, many more times over the years.

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