Aug 13, 2014

behind the scenes on Jim's photoshoot

In May, Jim shot the cast of Showtime's Homeland at Pier 59 in NYC. It was a big-deal, celebrity-driven shoot, and the photos are just now being released. Luca and I visited the set and met a few of the actors (who were all super sweet to Luca). It's always fun watching Jim work - on set, he's in his element more than anywhere else. If being a mama is my thing, being a photographer is Jim's. He is so good at what he does.

A film crew was on set shooting footage, and on Sunday night we found out why. Showtime is teasing season four of Homeland with the video below. Apparently it aired on the network and now can be viewed anytime on YouTube. Isn't it great!

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  1. my inner "my so called life" fan girl is having a moment. so amazing!