Sep 5, 2014

sixteen months with luca byrd

I find myself at this age struggling to stay present with you. In my mind you're still a baby but when I pause to look at you I see a full toddler. Here we are and while I love it I already miss your baby days.

Your hair is long, we often style it into pigtails - your daddy's favorite - and always with a clip in your hair. When you wake without your hair pulled back (you always pull clips and rubberbands out in your sleep), you swipe your forearm across your head impatiently. We long the length, though, and don't plan to cut it anytime soon. It is part of you. Your expressive eyes are as blue as ever and I'm starting to see the reemergence of dimples in your round face, which laughter and smiles come easily to. Your legs are longer but the beloved rolls are still there, and that sweet belly still sticks out as your toddle to meet the world.

Words are garbled but I understand your multitude of them: dog, up, down, a light, dado, ball, mama, baba, LeeAnn, wawa, milk, no, bye bye, hello, lake. We are constantly amazed by how observant you are. you run the hair buzzer across your head like daddy, try to pull on Ellis's socks, and run away with my underwear and necklaces to the other room where I find you doing your best to put them on. And you've figured out how to take your pj's off - uh oh! Bunny Bear is your little bedtime lovey.

Teething has thrown us for a loop again lately. You stalled out with 12 teeth for months, but your eye teeth seem to be pushing through and giving you a hard time now. I hate to see you like this but always welcome the extra nursing and neediness that comes with it.

We can now make it through reading whole books to you. I can't tell you how happy this makes me! Before, you'd get impatient with them but now you're into it. Favorites include Goodnight Moon, Puppy Boo, Where is Baby's Belly Button, and the Highlights books from Grandma.

You delight in Ellis so much - you two are often running circles around the kitchen or diving onto the bean bag, laughing hysterically. The adoration is mutual. You are happiest when you're well-rested and when we spend time outside. Lots of shovels, buckets, and baby-pool play lately.

I take deep breaths at night when you've gone to sleep - our days are busy and you want to be held a lot lately. A moment passes though, and I begin to anticipate the next day with you. You're so smart and fun and a little person. I love life with you and I'm excited at where it's going to take us this month (Lake Burton last weekend and Santa Monica next week!), and all those that follow.  xx

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