Jan 26, 2015

Sundays are for FAMILY

As a kid, Sundays to me meant FAMILY. We'd see all our cousins at church, have a home-cooked meal at my Grandma & Papa's house, then play for hours with my aunt's family. This is one of those things from my childhood that made it special, and that I want for my own kids. My parents often spend time with us on Sundays, which I LOVE. They brought the makings for a lunch of lasagna, salad, and corn yesterday. I cooked while they played with the kids, and after lunch we went for a walk in the bright winter sunshine. Ellis threw lots of football, we visited with Lee, Luca mostly stayed in Grandma's arms all day, and Stella played with my sister's new dog Emmylou like they were long-lost sisters.

Look how happy my girl looks to be spending her 21-month birthday with her favorite people! <3

Jim, Luca and I were planning to spend this week in New York, but our plans have changed due to the crazy snowstorm that's hitting the Northeast right now. Jim was going to work while Luca and I explored, but there is always next time... besides, I can think of worse places to be stuck besides home!

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