Mar 24, 2015

family trip to Santa Monica, CA ... September 2014

(playing catch-up...)

Jim, Luca and I spent a week in Santa Monica last September. We rented a house made of glass a block from the Pacific Ocean, rode our bikes to dinner every night (we found a babysitter and even had two dates!), hosted Jim's old friends from TX, rose early and drank coffee with earlybird surfers every morning, and watched the sun set from the rooftop deck every night. For Jim, the trip was part-work, part-pleasure (he shot Battle Creek for CBS); for me, it was such a dream. Looking back on 2014, it was my favorite week of the whole year.

traveling with a baby is always a little crazy but I never regret it. this picture was taken mid-flight to LAX. we read her favorite book, BOO! Puppy, over and over :)

 view from the rooptop deck. it's hard for me to believe people actually get to LIVE here!

and the view from the sidewalk in front of the house...ridiculous.


Luca stayed on EST, meaning she and I were awake super early every morning. luckily we found a surfer's coffee shop that opened early, featuring baby toys and strong coffee, that we visited every day.

playgrounds are everywhere in Santa Monica! it's a really kid-friendly place to be.

What a dream! I love this place. <3

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