Mar 23, 2015

Luca in Spring, 2015

Spring is here and my baby girl is almost two years old. She's changed so much these past few months, becoming more a little person and less my baby day by day, something she's fully aware of even though she insists she's my "baby guh-rl."

We've been spending as much time as possible outside lately, learning about the world around us by throwing rocks, chasing the cat, feeding the horse apples, and jumping in puddles. A favorite and frequent saying of hers is "hold you," meaning hold me. I usually indulge when she asks, soaking up this time of closeness with my girl while she's still my littlest baby. We are slowly nearing being fully weaned, which I'm so glad that I've allowed to happen in its own time (despite a lot of pushing from others). Jim and I are traveling to California next month and our goal is for that to be the end.

Luca sleeps with a bed full of friends: her Baby Bob, bunny bear, Marshall (from Paw Patrol), Kristin the bunny, her pig, and her favorite "towel" (i.e. blanket). So many words are hers these days, far too many to list here, with new ones everyday. I particularly love how she calls Jim "dado," and Stella "Stell-wawa."

I find myself resisting Luca losing her babyhood, but taking even more joy in the little person she's turning into...and also taking comfort in that she'll always be my girl.

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