Mar 9, 2015

the baby flu

A few weeks ago the stomach flu hit our household for the second time this year. We all caught it and, coupled with no school for a week plus freezing temps, it was rough. This time of year is always hard for me but I try to remember that there is beauty to be found in all seasons and this too shall pass.

We couldn't do much for the kids, the doctor just advised us to keep fluids in them and take it easy. It's rare that Luca will rest calmly - normally if she's awake, she's on the move. So I soaked up the cuddles with my girl, whose days as my baby are numbered...

I'd like to remember the feeling of her crawling into my lap on the couch mid-morning, requesting a song, and then falling fast asleep on me. What a treasure. We sang a song we learned in our Allegro music class...

Little Luca, everything is alright
Little Luca, everything is fine
Close your eyes and rest your head now
oh Luca, I'm so glad you're mine

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