Jun 9, 2015

The Small, Happy Life

I can't stop thinking about a NYTimes Op-Ed that I read recently, "The Small, Happy Life" by David Brooks. The writer, curious about people's purpose in life, was surprised by the commonality of many of the thousands of essays he read on the subject. Rather than big, ambitious goals, a "surprising number of people found their purpose by going the other way, by pursuing the small, happy life."

This part in particular was what caught my attention:

I have always wanted to be effortlessly kind. I wanted to raise children who were kind ... Perhaps, she concludes, the mission is not a mission at all. ... Everywhere there are tiny, seemingly inconsequential circumstances that, if explored, provide meaning and chances to be generous and kind. Spiritual and emotional growth happens in microscopic increments.

Kindness counts. To me, it's one of the most important qualities we can pass to our children and is certainly worthy of a life's purpose.

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