Apr 11, 2016

what does feminism mean to you?

Rachel Eubanks is a young talent in Athens, smart and interesting, making magic with her camera and making you think, too. Get in front of her camera, and she will make you feel like a goddess. I'm reminded of myself as I graduated college, confident and yearning to explore the world, yet uncertain of the unknowns. She's graduating from Grady with a photojournalism degree in May, then heading to Costa Rica. At this point in my child-laden life, that seems like the ultimate luxury. I want to live through her. 

She has a blog "about women who rock their shit in Athens, Georgia" called Boss Bitches of Athens. Part photo series, part interview, I know a lot of the women she's featured but have never had the conversations she's had with them. The arc many of her interviews take is one of "women can do anything," and it's made me think. Yes, we can do (almost) anything and what a glorious thing that is. But as a stay-at-home-mama by luck and by choice, I have often felt the need to defend myself. Does being able to do anything mean that we should do it all? Does society think we're wasting our career potential if we stay home, or conversely depriving our kids of that precious time home with them if we choose to work? 

I made peace with this around the time Leo was born; I want to stay home and would be doing myself and my family a disservice if I tried to do it "all." I'm happy and my family is happy and the real freedom in the women's movement is found there- we have the freedom to do whatever we want, and that is a glorious thing indeed.

Here is the interview Rachel did with me, with photos below.

photos by Rachel Eubanks

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