Jun 16, 2016

the ease of cold-brew coffee

Right up until the time Luca was born, I was fairly apathetic about coffee. I drank it every day and liked the ritual of it: holding the warm cup in my hand, going to a shop on weekends and making it too. (Being with Jim and bearing witness to his Pavoni press dedication made me appreciate the latter.)  Like so many before me, it made me feel like a solid part of the adult world to be a coffee-drinker.

But enter Luca, and shortly thereafter Leo, and now it's a true part of my day. I love having it to look forward as I inevitably rise too early (swearing I will go to bed earlier the next day, and always failing), drinking it as I sit on the floor with Leo watching him crawl or join Luca at the table as she slowlllly eats her oatmeal.

Lately I've been into the ease of the cold-brew. I found the recipe here a few years ago and recently came back to it. The flavor is strong but not at all bitter, and I can have it heated and in my cup in under two minutes in the morning. Yes!

Soak 1/3 coarse-ground coffee in 1-1/2 cups cold water overnight. Strain with cheesecloth in the morning, and either drink over ice or heated, tempered with lots of milk.

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