Jan 5, 2017

quaker wisdom for the new year

As we head into this new year, Jim and I hope to be more mindful about our selves, bodies and habits and tighten up a few areas to make our lives run more smoothly. A few specifics: keep the kitchen clean so cooking is a joy, simplifying wardrobes, emptying drawers of items no longer needed, go outside more. Also, foster more community and relationships.

I came across these words on a favorite blog, The Littlest, a few weeks ago and they resonated with me. Happy New Year to you, friends! <3
Live beneath your means. 

Return everything you borrow.

Stop blaming other people. 

Admit it when you make a mistake.

Give clothes not worn to charity.

Do something nice and try not to get caught.

Listen more; talk less.

Every day take a 30 minute walk.

Strive for excellence, not perfection.

Be on time. 

Don't make excuses.

Don't argue. 

Get organized.

Be kind to people. Be kind to unkind people.

Let someone ahead of you in line.

Take time to be alone.

Cultivate good manners.

Reread your favorite book.

Be humble.

Realize and accept that life isn't fair.

Know when to keep your mouth shut.

Go an entire day without criticizing anyone.

Learn from the past.

Plan for the future.

Live in the present.

Don't sweat the small stuff. It's all small stuff.

via the littlest

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