Aug 24, 2018

summer 2018

summer's over! you know I love summer but this year, I was happy to send the kids back to school, to be stimulated by someone other than me and also for them to socialize with someone other than their siblings. they played well for most of the summer, but by the end - they were done. it was like the figured out exactly how to press one another's buttons - as siblings do - and drive me crazy in the process ;)

early in the summer, Luca and I made a calendar. on it, she would draw pictures of things we'd done on a given day, chart her camps, or mark when jim would return home from his various work trips. the visual layout of it - ALL THOSE WEEKS - made it seem long to me at times. two weeks into summer, I remember thinking, "how are we going to fill all these days??" I know it's a luxury to stay home with my kids and not one I take for granted. but sometimes the days feel loooong. and the weeks longer. is that how the saying goes? ha.

for the most part, I succumbed to their rhythm. we ate a slow breakfast, did kid activities, swam a lot, watched movies together.. I did my best to slow down their pace (though it doesn't come naturally for me).

as for adventures...
-we spent time in Atlanta (saw paw patrol live at the fox! one of my more questionable ideas)
-vacationed with friends on 30A
-did a few camps (EEDS, Lyndon House arts camp, Arrow music camp)
-celebrated Leo turning three with a monster truck birthday party!
-and, spent almost a month in Highlands, NC where the skatepark was nearby, the mornings chilly, food delicious, and family time abundant. I didn't want to leave.

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