Apr 7, 2020

quarantine day 24


the day:
slow morning, coffee on the porch while pushing Leo on the swing, Allison & Aziz stopped by on their walk, took Stella & E's old motorcycle to The Hill where we spent a few hours- visiting with Lee who was working in the garden, scaling on the climbing tree, & playing in the creek. then the kids jumped in the pool! came home & cleaned, made a quiche, dinner on the porch. Jim is reading book 2 of Harry Potter to Luca & they love it. I'm watching Bunheads & reading This is Chance! by John Mooallem. tonight is the pink full moon- seven years since the one on which I went into labor w/ Luca!

Luca, on talking about what happens after we die. "do you think we come back as something else? like an animal or a person? I hope we are together again. Someone as special as you are to me should be with me." <3

kale, ricotta & gruyere quiche, salad, green peas

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