oct 30 ... pasta with kale and sausage, tomato sauce and parmesan (loose adaptation)
nov 3 ... caramel cake
nov 4 ... chicken orzo soup and grilled cheese
nov 5 ... kale quiche
nov 7 ... sausage and kale pasta
nov 8 ... deep-dish brownies (modifications: 2 eggs, 1/3 c cocoa, + milk chocolate)
nov 9 ... chicken tortilla soup
nov 10 ... irish beef stew
nov 12 ... salmon burgers with dill tartar sauce and brown butter chocolate chip cookies
nov 14 ... homemade hamburger helper with kale & cayenne
nov 18 ... chicken orzo soup
nov 19 ... sesame chicken noodles
nov 23 ... lemon bundt cake (via cook's illustrated)
nov 24 ... fried pork chops, creamed corn, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes (with my mama!)
nov 25 ... kale, caramelized onion, cheddar, bacon and potato quiche
dec 18 ... warm tofu with spicy garlic sauce
dec 19 ... balthazar's goat cheese tart with caramelized onions, almond cake, buttermilk roasted chicken (happy birthday Lee!)
dec 26 ... banana bread with coconut, chocolate, walnuts & bourbon
dec 27 ... chicken noodle soup
dec 31 ... hanger steak with this marinade, brussels, green peas, rice, mini-fallen chocolate cakes


jan 2 ... minestrone soup
jan 12 ... sloppy joe's, creamed corn, kale quiche, almond cake
jan 13 ... chicken salad, tofu with spicy garlic sauce, rice & broccoli
jan 14 ... parmesan chicken
jan 15 ... banana bread
feb 2 ... mollie katzen's chocolate eclipse
feb 9 ... "homeburger" helper
feb 12 ... nobu's chicken teriyaki
feb 22 ... caramelized onion-mushroom tart
feb 25 ... chicken pot pie
mar 1 ... smitten kitchen's tomato glazed meatloaf with brown butter mashed potatoes
mar 4 ... spicy tofu with rice and brussels sprouts
mar 16 ... bon appetit slow-roasted chicken, corn (with creme fraiche!), collards, caramelized carrots
mar 18 ... flank steak with this marinade, rice and brussels sprouts
mar 20 ... dinner: a love story's lazy bolognese
apr 13 ... mussels, pasta with tomato sauce, salad- butter lettuce, toasted almonds, quick-pickled apples, parmesan, dijon vinaigrette
apr 19 ... chona's chicken, pork tenderloin, asparagus, roasted potatoes, salad (above), pineapple upside-down cake (happy birthday, John!)
apr 20 ... chicken noodle casserole, chewy chocolate cookies, smoked chicken (Easter potluck and happy birthday, mama!)
apr 21 ... canal house chicken & rice, roasted broccoli & asparagus
apr 26 ... birthday cake for Luca Byrd!
apr 28 ... sesame peanut noodles with steak
may 6 ... taco soup (with beef), cornbread
may 27 ... burgers, fries, corn on the cob, caramelized carrots
jun 3 ... broiled salmon with dill, mustard & bread crumbs, potatoes with cheddar and dijon, green beans, french bread and brie
jun 4 ... caramel-bourbon-blackberry-upside-down-cake (this recipe, sub 25ish blackberries for pineapple)
jun 30 ... parmesan chicken, caramelized carrots, fresh corn polenta, garlic-green beans
jul 1 ... hamburger, broccoli, okra pizza
jul 4 ... strawberry shortcake for our big pig roast!
jul 14 ... homemade pasta, black cherry tomato + toasted almond + basil pesto, tomatoes with mozzarella & balsamic, spicy chicken sausage, okra, french bread, almond cake with fresh peach cream
jul 15 ... buttermilk chicken, rice, garlic green beans, peach ice cream with almond cake crumble
jul 20 ... carne asada, pan-seared okra, rice, sliced squash topped with brown butter toasted bread crumbs, parmesan, s&p (baked at 350 covered for 30 min, uncovered for 5 min), tomatoes, summer heirloom tomato tart
sept 28 ... roast chicken with carrots & potatoes
oct 20 ... taco soup and cornbread
oct 22 ... tacos with goat cheese (subbed shredded rotisserie chicken for tofu and added mushrooms)
dec 1 ... homeburger helper, broccoli
dec 3 ... salmon with brown sugar & mustard glaze, lima beans with bacon & onions, rice
dec 30 ... spaghetti & drop meatballs with tomato sauce
nye ... hershey's chocolate cake + frostingreal sour cream & onion dip, baked potato crisps with sour cream, chives & bacon


jan 5 ... ramen at seabear
jan 6 ... jamie's minestrone + french bread
feb 9 ... teriyaki salmon, rice, broccoli
mar 5 ... roast chicken, broccoli, rice, creamed corn & chocolate pie
mar 15 ... pork & ricotta meatballs in parmesan broth
mar 30 ...  caramelized onion-mushroom tart, salad (romaine, pumpkin seeds, garbanzo beans, manchego, avocado, homemade dressing), almond cake
apr 1 ... potato-leek soup (via Virginia Willis' Bon Appetit, Y'all), salad
apr 2 ... leftovers (potato-leek soup, salad)
apr 21 ...  nut-crusted chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli, mac & cheese
apr 22 ... blueberry muffins
apr 23 ... salmon with mustard brown sugar glaze, salad (with pepitas, manchego, homemade lemon-dijon dressing), broccoli, mac & cheese, sweet potatoes
apr 25 ... blueberry & blackberry muffins, bacon + roasted potato + cheddar + chive quiche, caramelized onion-mushroom tart, pink lady cake (Luca's second birthday party!)
may 18 ... kale quiche
may 20 ... spaghetti casserole, broccoli, corn on the cob, watermelon
may 23 ... chicken souvlaki, rice, greek salad, double-strawberry buttermilk panna cotta
may 28 ... salmon with mustard brown sugar glaze, corn on the cob, caramelized carrots, mac & cheese
july 4 ... triple berry summer buttermilk bundt cake, spinach + cheddar + bacon + chives quiche
jul 7 ... tomato & corn pie, okra
sep 21 ... fried egg, bacon, seared okra, spinach & burrata pasta, french bread
sep 22 ... chicken & rice soup, salad, french bread
sep 23 ... bacon, potato, roasted broccoli & cheddar quiche
sep 24 ...  date night <3 trappeze pub
sep 25 ... agua linda, chocolate cupcakes
sep 26 ... ziti, french bread, seared okra, salad, broccoli
sep 28 ... chicken sandwiches (leftover phbbq chicken, swiss & independent baguette), salad
sep 29 ... baked chicken with chives and dijon, israeli couscous, sweet potato, salad

jan 1 ... black eyed peas with bacon and pork
jan 5 ... salmon with brown sugar & mustard glaze, rice, brussels, roasted carrots
feb 24 ... lemony soup with white beans, kale & pasta
mar 14 ... salmon patties, sweet potatoes, sauteed spinach & kale
mar 15 ... buttermilk roasted chicken, roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, bok choy
salmon with thyme & butter, broccoli, mac & cheese, french bread
jun 10 ... peach & sour cream ice cream
jul 23 ... alice waters' summer squash gratin and smitten kitchen's cream cheese pound cake with fresh peaches
jul 27 ... baked tofu with coconut kale & coconut rice
jul 28 ...  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO! banana pancakes
aug 8 ... chicken shawarma, homemade naan, rice, cucumber salad with greek yogurt and mint
sept 13 ... chocolate buttermilk frosted brownies
sept 19 ... white grass cafe's meatless balls, marcella hazan's tomato sauce, parpadelle, broccoli, white grass cafe's cheesecake
sept 20 ... white grass cafe's thai fish cakes and hot sauce, rice, seared okra
nov 7 ... orecchiette with brown butter, walnuts & brussels sprouts, TJ's salmon & vegetable croquettes
dec 26 ... lobster cakes, sweet potatoes, brussels (here!)
dec 27 ... thai-ish salmon, coconut rice, brussels

jan 2 ... donna chang's date night <3
jan 3 ... miso butter tofu, rice, asparagus, avocado
jan 4 ... globe
jan 5 ... sesame noodles with kale & chicken
jan 9 ... spicy garlic tofu, rice, kale & asparagus
jan 10 ... sheet pan chicken and brussels with balsamic, french bread, burrata, healthy oatmeal chocolate banana muffins
jan 23 ... taco soup, cornbread
jan 27 ... julia childs chicken with cream, peasant bread, roasted vegs (carrots, asparagus, broccoli), sweet potatoes, almond cake
feb 2 ... turkey burgers, mashed potatoes, arugula with roasted butternut squash, toasted almonds, goat cheese & dressing of EVOO, honey, s&p, raspberries, mac & cheese, avocado, tomatoes
feb 6 ... cauliflower soup (SO GOOD), salmon croquettes, sauteed spinach
feb 8 ... broccoli cheddar soup*, arugula salad
mar 6 ... crab cakes, rice, roasted carrots
mar 7 ... cauliflower soup, leftover quiche
mar 8 ... orecchiette with brown butter, walnuts & brussels sprouts, roasted chicken, salad, bread
may 3 ... massaged kale salad
may 17 ... spicy thai burgers with broccoli slaw on publix's water buns, massaged kale salad (sesame oil subbed for olive oil), brownies
may 30 ... tacos with goat cheese (subbed roasted chicken for tofu), kale salad, sweet potatoes, cheese quesadillas for kids, brownies
jun 4 ... pasta with turkey & ricotta meatballs, broccoli, TJ's lemon cake
jun 6 ... cauliflower gratin, crab cakes, kale salad
jul 17 ... soba noodles with salmon
jul 18 ... pizza salad
jul 20 ... tomato & corn pie, buttermilk roast chicken, roasted asparagus with parmesan topping,  kale salad, nyt best lemon bars
aug 5 ...  Clean Eats' Lemon Herb Chicken Burgers with Thousand Island Dressing, chicken burgers, sauteed spinach with garlic & sour cream, seared green beans with toasted almonds, Mark Bittman's chocolate molten cakes
aug 6 ... shrimp scampi (so good), honey ginger salad, seared green beans with toasted almonds, grilled bread with ricotta & roasted tomatoes, brownies with cherries & heavy cream
aug 7 ... leftover scampi & hotdogs for the kids
sept 21 ... salmon with brown sugar & mustard glaze, rice, brussels, broccoli & creamed spinach (kids loved it!)
nov 3 ... baked ziti with ashley's homemade sauce, french bread & salad

jan 13 ... squash casserole
jan 16 ... orecchiette with brown butter, brussels and walnuts, french bread, salmon
feb 4 ... banana bread, thai chicken soup
feb 12 ... sloppy joe's creamed corn, broccoli, salad, chocolate cake (happy birthday ellis!)
feb 27 ... TJ's roasted potatoes with peppers & onions with pork & beef hot link sausages topped with sour cream/ or mayo, roasted carrots & brussels, brownies 
mar 19 ... pasta & sausage from the dekalb farmer's market, salad
mar 20 ... crispy tofu and broccoli with sesame peanut pesto, rice
mar 21 ... chicken tacos, black beans, slaw, pickled onions, earthfare homestyle tortillas, cooks illustrated strawberry shortcake
mar 22 ... soba noodles with salmon
mar 23 ...  Clean Eats' Lemon Herb Chicken Burgers with Thousand Island Dressing, snap peas
april 6 ... soba noodle buddha bowl with tofu 
april 11 ... asparagus & egg salad with walnuts, spaghetti & mozzarella-stuffed meatballs, angel food cake
may 20 ... healthy chocolate-banana muffins
may 22 ... salmon, rice, salad
may 23 ... tamale pie (delicious), black beans, roasted sweet potatoes
may 24 ... leftover tamale pie, ricotta & kale quiche (would repeat crust but not base), roasted carrots, strawberry shortcakes with strawberries we picked today at washington farms
may 28 ... (happy memorial day!) hot dogs, mac & cheese, salad, grilled asparagus, all-american potato salad (SO GOOD), strawberry ice cream
jul 1 ...  salmon with brown sugar & mustard glaze, rice, broccoli
jul 2 ...  bbq chicken sandwiches, peas, salad, mac & cheese
jul 3 .... baked tofu with coconut kale & coconut rice / kids: chix quesadillas, black beans
jul 4 ... cookout at the Steele's!
aug 20 ... homemade hamburger helper, broccoli, raspberries
aug 21 ... nut-crusted chicken, rice, brussels, corn muffins
aug 22 ... shrimp tacos with avocado cream (puree: avocados, sour cream/creme fraiche, salt, lime juice), slaw, black beans, leftover rice
aug 23 ... sesame chicken thighs, rice, broccoli
aug 24 ... AMS potluck: brownies, mac & cheese
oct 1 ... taco soup, corn muffins, salad
dec 23 ... sugar cookies with icing for santa!
dec 24 ... hot dogs, salad, mac & cheese, baked beans, broccoli, cheddar & rice casserole (SO GOOD)

hamburgers, broccoli, rice & cheddar casserole, salad, creamed corn 
feb 10 ... pancakes (Luca's design)
mar 18 ... tofu & soba noodle buddha bowl with roasted brussels & broccoli, this sauce, shredded carrots, avocado and sesame seeds
mar 19 ... TJ's bbq, baked beans, toast, sautéed spinach
mar 20 ... TDS @ home, chocolate chip cookies (Jim in nyc)
mar 30 ... blueberry muffins for baby Oliver!
mar 31 ... baked tofu with coconut kale & coconut rice, homemade almond milk
apr 1 ... shrimp tacos, black beans, corn on the cob, chocolate cake with silky marshmallow icing + caramel layer in the middle (happy birthday Chona!)
apr 15 ... hamburgers w/ Publix rolls, broccoli/cheddar/rice casserole, creamed corn, fruit
apr 16 ... baked chicken with dijon mustard & herbs, rolls
apr 17 ... baked tofu with coconut kale & coconut rice
apr 18 ... TDS picnic @ arrow egg hunt!
jun 24 ... pasta primavera with shrimp (cook 90), salad, cantaloupe
jun 25 ... leftover pasta
jun 26 ... caramelized onion-mushroom tart, strawberries, okra, broccoli
jun 27 ... boulevard potluck!
jun 28 ... bike to ted's!
aug 12 ... pesto pasta, sausage, edamame
aug 13 ... salmon, rice, edamame, peaches
aug 14 ... agua linda for kids, heirloom w/ Richard
aug 15 ... banana pancakes, sausage, eggs, peaches (breakfast for dinner!)
aug 20 ... chicken shawarma with garlic sauce, spanakopitanaan, tabbouleh, brownies, edamame + pizza & watermelon for kids
sept 23 ... homemade pizza (cheese & pepperoni for kids / chicken, spinach, balsamic, ricotta for adults), salad, cantaloupe
sept 24 ... shredded chicken tacos, black beans, rice, fruit
sept 25 ... chicken parm meatballs, pasta, broccoli, fruit
oct 6 ... lactation cookies for Melanie
oct 8 ... chicken with shallots, crusty independent baguette, edamame, salad, apple crisp
oct 9 ... salmon, baked potatoes, salad
oct 22 ... cod, quinoa, salad, roasted broccoli
oct 23 ... banana pancakes, sausage, eggs (breakfast for dinner!)
dec 18 ... hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies & best/easiest sugar cookies for Luca's stand!
dec 29 ... salmon, salad, baked sweet potatoes, edamame, squash & chocolate chess pie
dec 30 ... turkey burgers, mac & cheese, roasted broccoli, edamame, tater tots

jan 6 ... fish cakes (from 100 days of real food), broccoli, baked sweet potatoes, kiwi
jan 15 ... chicken orzo soup (sub rice for orzo), grilled cheese, lemon raspberry muffins
jan 20 ... fish cakes, roasted Brussels, seared green beans w/ almonds & parmesan, mashed potatoes w/ leeks
jan 21 ... salmon soba noodle bowl w/ broccoli, avo, carrots & sesame seeds, brownies
feb 17 ... taco soup, cornbread
feb 18 ... pasta primavera with shrimp, salad, French bread, vanilla chocolate chip bundt bday cake for Ellis (13!), pepperoni pizza for kids, strawberries
mar 1 ... groovy chocolate cake (at mama's house)
mar 2 ... walnut-crusted salmon, kale salad, sweet potatoes, cream biscuits
coronavirus lockdown ... everywhere closed ...
mar 14 ... sausage, pasta, broccoli
mar 15 ... baked chicken, baked potatoes (sweet & regular), edamame
mar 16 ... burgers, broccoli, tater tots
mar 17 ... almond-crusted salmon, tater tots, brussels & edamame, best-ever peanut butter cookies!
mar 18 ... TJs ravioli, sausage, boiled egg, lots of veggies
mar 19 ... tuna salad on peasant bread, salad, strawberries / kids: banana pancakes, eggs
mar 20 ... take out!! chuck's sushi & chick-fil-a
mar 21 ... caramelized onion, ricotta & kale quiche, kale, sausage & white bean soup, salad
mar 22 ... pizza (pepperoni for kids, kale, balsamic, ricotta & peppers for adults - success!), salad, chocolate chip cookies, almond milk 
mar 23 ... leftover kale, sausage & bean soup with rice, salad w/ radishes, parmesan, slivered almonds, scallions & balsamic/vinegar
mar 29 ... roasted chicken that Jim marinated for 2 days (featuring balsamic vinegar <3 ), mac & cheese from Lee, broccoli, leftover brownies
mar 30 ... pizza (kids: pepperoni, k: creme fraiche, spinach, peppers, ground beef), sugar snap peas, peanut butter cookies
mar 31 ... lunch: polenta with sautéed kale, boiled eggs, caramelized onions, Parm & avocado. dinner: pizza (kids- pepperoni, adults- creme fraiche + tomato sauce, ground beef, caramelized onions, peppers, spinach & cheese)
apr 1 ... pasta w/ tomato sauce, sautéed spinach, banana cake
apr 27 ... homemade sloppy joe's w/ toast, creamed corn, Caesar salad
may 25 ... brioche buns
may 26 ... quinoa salad with money in the bank vinaigrettebuttermilk birthday cake for Ashley's bday
may 27 ... pepperoni pizza for kids, peanut noodles with creamed spinach, salmon, peanuts & snap peas, brownies
jun 6 ... squash casserole, chocolate cake w/ caramel & cream (happy birthday Doug!)
sept 9 ... mini burgers on the grill, tater tots, salad, grapes, chocolate cake (happy birthday Aziz!) 
oct 13 ... homemade pizza, salad w/ roasted butternut squash, almonds, sharp cheddar and arugula
nov 8 ... malted brownies
nov 10 ... tamale pie, black beans, cooks illustrated lemon pound cake
dec 1 ... chicken tacos, black beans, rice, corn, sweet potatoes, guac + salsa + chips, half recipe of Hershey's chocolate cake. happy birthday mila! 

jan 5 ... taco soup with corn muffins
jan 7 ... chicken parmesan sandwiches with this chicken, TJ's marinara sauce & fresh mozzarella, broccoli, baked sweet potato
jan 17 ... alison roman's spaghetti & meatballs, baguette, broccoli 
jan 18 ... spaghetti leftovers 
jan 19 ... salmon, rice, peas, salad (arugula, butternut squash, cheddar, almonds, harvest grains, lemon + oil dressing), sweet potato 
jan 24 ... shrimp scampihoney ginger salad, seared green beans with toasted almonds, baguette, almond cake
jan 25 ... salmon, corn muffins, leftover green beans, edamame, banana muffins 
feb 2 ... baked chicken with dijon mustard, panko, and herbs, pasta, sautéed mushrooms & spinach
feb 7 ... burgers, sweet potatoes, tater tots, broccoli, nyt simple crusty bread
feb 8 ... ribs on Jim's new smoker!, broccoli crunch salad with quinoa, vanilla cake with chocolate icing (so good)
feb 9 ... buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, sumo oranges
apr 8 ... brioche, chicken salad, kale salad
apr 26 ... grilled shrimp with pesto, Caesar salad, baguette, homemade pizza for kids, vanilla cake with chocolate icing ... happy birthday Luca! 
aug 23 ... salmon, rice, tater tots, broccoli

mar 21 ... caramelized onion-mushroom tartpizza, roasted broccoli
mar 23 ... pineapple teriyaki salmon, brown rice, roasted green beans & broccoli

corn, shrimp & avocado salad with chipotle-pepita dressing
sausage, egg & cheese casserole with spinach
broiled broccoli with spicy, sesame-scallion sauce
sticky banana cocoa bars
pesto risotto with shrimp 
corn casserole
salmon salad
Catherine Newman's ricotta & spinach frittatine 
3 ingredient dressing
fried eggs in bread crumbs
one bowl buttercream cake + cream cheese frosting
Alexandra cooks' chocolate chip cookies
pasta with yogurt & caramelized onions 
doughnut muffins for CHRISTMAS morning
spicy shrimp with rice noodles
magical molten chocolate cake
light, fluffy & rich pancakes
sauteed brussels with sausage & pickled red onions
gruyere & chive souffle  
quick shredded tofu stir-fry recipe
avocado dressing with herbs & spinach
nyt rice recipe
pappardelle with greens & ricotta 
chocolate dutch baby
turkey & ricotta meatballs
brown butter pasta
cauliflower soup 
whole roasted cauliflower & whipped goat cheese
scallion pesto-crusted chicken
Rigatoni, Pancetta, Green Onions Vodka Sauce
canal house chocolate chip cookies
salmon and brown rice cakes (for luca)
meyer lemon cream with graham crackers & sea salt
dorie greenspan's chocolate mousse
crispy coconut kale with salmon
roasted chicken with veggies
pork loin braised in milk
braised mushrooms, carrots & brussels with creamy polenta
crustless broccoli & cheddar quiche
brussels caesar salad
chicken with shallots
orange-glazed chicken drumsticks
lemon & lavender buttermilk cake
sesame-cilantro rice
crispiest spring chicken
cream braised brussels sprouts
pizza with baked meatballs
orecchiette with corn, green & ricotta
teriyaki salmon with pickled vegetables and sesame seeds
grilled chicken sausages with shredded kale and pecorino
corn, chile, and potato soup 
chicken tamale pie
crispy chicken burgers
salmon & chickpea salad
baked tofu with coconut kale
fettuccine with mushrooms and spring chives
single peach tart
tomato, corn and cheese galette
english muffins
strawberry buttermilk gelato
golden-crusted sesame seeded tofu
cheesy mashed white beans with kale, parmesan and fried egg

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